Wine and Dine means "Entertain with good Food and Wine."

Historically, wining and dining someone was usually done with some ulterior motive,  you might wine and dine a person you hoped to do business with, or that special someone you wanted to ask on a date. The phrase's meaning is fairly obvious, when you wine and dine, you provide someone with wine to drink and food on which to dine.

 Just break out the nice linens, light some candles and we will do the rest.


WINE & FOOD Pairings

"wine and dine with us"

Our Vision

“Wine and Dine™” will continue to craft products that will mirror the quality of restaurant original recipes. Wine and Dine will ensure that their quality standards hold true to the hand crafted flavors and ingredients of their restaurant heritage.

Our Mission

To establish a line of extraordinary wine and food pairings for the enjoyment of the North American marketplace and to forge a path of bold taste and new flavours, that are internationally acclaimed grapes and paired with spectacular culinary offerings.